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Are You a Publisher or Printer Who Mails Internationally?
We help small to medium sized publishers and printers send mail around the world.

International Mail Service for Publishers and Printers

Whether you need to send a few hundred booklets or thousands of magazines, we can help. Flexible International Mail Systems has been helping printers and publishers reach people around the world since 1979.

Foreign Mail Shouldn’t be a Headache

Do you ever get the feeling that your foreign mail service provider doesn’t care about your business? They seem to pay attention to their biggest clients while tolerating the smaller ones. If you and your international mailings are not getting the attention you need, it’s time to work with Flexible International Mail Systems.

You’ll See a Difference Because International Mail is Our Only Business

At Flexible Intentional Mail Systems our only business is mailing booklets, magazines, catalogs and journals overseas. Our proprietary international mailing process is optimized to ensure that you receive the most reliable service at the lowest price.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small – Just Right

We’re big enough to generate the volume that provides you with the best rates, but small enough that you’ll always get high quality customer service. Your international mailings, no matter how small, are an important part of our business.

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