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Cost Effective International Postage Fees Achieved for Non-Profit

International Shipping Problem:

A non-profit professional society on the East coast has publication subscribers in over 90 different countries. They needed to send a variety of publications including books, technical journals, magazines, and international standard documents on a monthly and bi-monthly basis.

Their lettershop only had experience in domestic mail and did not know how to process and mail publications effectively for international shipments. This resulted in the non-profit having to pay incredibly high postage costs, and it usually took their mailings months to be delivered with many publications returned. The lettershop also required them to have a contract which included many hidden fees and minimum weight requirements which added to their frustration.

Our International Shipping Solution:

After speaking with the non-profit and assessing their needs, FIMS determined they would be a perfect candidate for our cost-plus pricing shipping method. Because FIMS specializes in international publication mailing, we would be able to charge them 18-20% less for postage than their previous shipping company. There would also be no contact required or hidden fees.

We provided them with a comprehensive plan for their international mailing needs. This included using their mailing lists and data files to provide an optimal international mailing method for each mail piece.

Using our propriety mail processing system meant we would be able to provide them with fast, accurate shipping, no minimum weight requirements and no mark-up on postage costs.

Many lettershops that only ship domestically use our services for international shipping. This adds unnecessary markups and extra fees for the lettershop’s clients. By cutting out the middle man and working directly with FIMS, business receive the cost-effective international postage fees they need.