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Address Correction

Save Money with Accurate and Correct International Address Data

Accurate and correct data reduces the transit time and amount of undeliverable mail, which in turn saves money in postage costs. There is no universal address format when working with international addresses. Nearly every country has a different address format. A small modification in an international address can make a tremendous difference in whether it is delivered or not. Flexible’s address correction and validation services will cleanse, standardize and validate all your international addresses.

Address Hygiene ROI

Bad data is costly. According to a recent Harvard Business review study, bad data impacts 88% of a business’s bottom line. Poor data costs the US $3.1 trillion dollars annually. Based on 2 million records: 540,800 records would be corrected, based on $0.05/ per record = $22,500.00. With printing and mailing costs estimated at $500 per 1,000 pieces, there is a savings of $270,400 plus deliverability. After 6 mailings, net savings of $1.599 million dollars.

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