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Subscription Management

Go beyond basic lists and spreadsheets with advanced tools for subscriber management.

Flexible’s Subscription Manager is a quick and easy to use interface that makes managing all your publications easy. Our powerful database system lets you track when subscriptions started, when they expired, and how much they cost. You can manage all subscribers from within a contained system, accessible on any device.

We offer a flexible platform that can be configured to support any advertising-based business workflow. In addition, we offer:

  • Multi title subscription management
  • Organize, search and maintain your subscriber lists from anywhere.
  • Understand your subscriber base in just a few clicks.
  • Powerful filtering and search, plus an interactive dashboard that lets you quickly drill down into your subscriber and subscription data to gain instant insights.
  • Export for fulfillment in a flash. You can easily track which subscribers requested or are owed an issue. Exports can be created for several fulfillment services so you can send on your orders and renewals with ease – no more waiting or requesting.
  • Your data shouldn’t be locked away. Flexible Subscription Management provides a helpful way to export for fulfillment: like instantly exporting custom subscription lists to CSV, by-issue groups ,or subscriber segments.
  • Manual tools inside your account let you add and update subscription and subscriber data, giving you the flexibility to update information whenever you need to.
  • Remind subscribers when they are near the end of their subscription and create a customized campaign to offer discounts for renewals.
  • From address validation to instant record searching, we have dozens of powerful features to simply your subscription management.

Flexible’s Subscription Manager gives you the ability to track your most engaged subscribers and determine which traits they share. We provide you with all the tools necessary to break down audience databases based on demographics and traits, allowing you to target your most loyal customers with strategic offers and targeted mail campaigns that appeal to them.

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