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Slow International Shipping and Invoicing Problems Solved for Printing Company

International Shipping Problem:

A medium-sized, full-service printing company in New England was frustrated with the “big box” international mailing company they were using. The mailing company required a minimum number of pieces in order to process their jobs, and their mailings would sit around for weeks before being sent out. This delay caused a long wait time for subscribers to receive their publications also prevented the printing company from getting timely quotes and invoices.

International Shipping Solution:

The printing company was handling over 100 different publications including magazines, books and journals, and needed them shipped internationally to countries all over the world. Because of their smaller job sizes and requirements from their “big box” shipping company, they were having problems providing accurate and timely information to their customers.

After assessing the situation, Flexible International Mail Systems determined that our proprietary mail processing system was the answer. We explained to the client that all we needed was the country count and piece weight for their publication shipments. With this information, we would accurately price their job for them within minutes. We would also able to ship out each mailing right away without a minimum weight, resulting in faster delivery times.

Fast access to the shipping quotes and invoices allowed the printer to bill their own clients accurately and quickly as soon as the jobs were processed. They were also able to cut down on the shipping time with our optimized international mailing routes.