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Society’s Small Run Jobs No Longer an Issue

International Shipping Problem:

A non-profit society in the northwest was struggling to find a mailing company that could process their small-sized mailing jobs. They publish a quarterly bulletin, informational handbooks and a yearbook which needs to be mailed to their very specific member demographic. They needed these publications shipped worldwide to countries including Australia, France, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, and the UK.

The society’s domestic mailing company was also handling their international mail, but they were receiving countless complaints from their subscribers of non-delivery. When they tried to find a specialized international mailing company, they found they would incur tremendous costs because their 250-400 piece mailings did not meet the minimum job size required by most companies.

International Shipping Solution:

Flexible International Mail Systems (FIMS) fit the society’s needs because we do not have a minimum number of pieces that are required to do an international mailing. No job is too small or too large for us to process.

FIMS also does not add additional fees and surcharges or require a contract with a client. This was an excellent solution for the society because they could continue mailing their publications, would not have to pay incredible fees and processing charges and would have the peace of mind that their subscribers would receive their bulletins.

They have now been a client of ours for years and due to the successful international mailings, they have increased their international subscribers.