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Flexible International Mail Systems’ Use of Cookies

Certain web pages on our site may use “cookies”, which are small text files that are stored on your computer when a web site is loaded in a web browser. Cookies help a website remember you and your visitor preferences, thus ensuring a consistent user experience each time you visit. Cookies also help provide site owners with additional statistics, which allows us to enhance our site for a more user-friendly experience. In most cases, this information is temporary in nature (called session cookies) and is deleted as soon as you leave the web site. The use of cookies is solely for the purpose of allowing the user to interact with the website in an effective manner and are not used to collect personal information in any way.

Examples of cookies used on our site:

Universal Analytics
(Google Analytics)

  • _ga
  • _gid
  • _gat
  • gwcc

These cookies collect information regarding how visitors interact with our website, such as the number of unique visitors to our site, the rate at which our website is requested, and which websites our visitors came from. Read about Google’s data privacy and security practices


  • NID
  • SNID
  • DV
  • IDE
  • 1P_JAR
  • OGP
  • OGPC

These cookies are used by Google for different purposes such as tracking of preferences and advertising. Read about the types of Cookies used by Google

Guidance on modifying your browser’s cookie settings

Most Internet browsers have specific procedures for modifying their cookie settings. Please use the following links for guidance on modifying cookie settings in these popular browsers: