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Send Us an Email | (631) 815-1750

Why Flexible International Mail Systems?

International Mail Expertise

  • Our staff has years of international direct mail experience. When you call our office you will always speak with a foreign mail expert.
  • All of our staff members are located in the same office. Your mailing will never be delayed because it has to be transferred between customer serviceĀ and processing facilities.

Located Near Major International Mail Distribution Hub

  • Our proximity to JFK and Newark airports means we can ship mailings faster than our competitors. While a mailing company located in Texas may need to add days to your shipment time in order to send your pieces to New York, we can have your pieces at JFK or Newark within a few hours.

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

  • You will know the exact postage cost for your international mailing. We will only charge you your exact postage fee plus a handling fee to process your international mail.
  • Our relationship with local postal systems around the world means that we get lower postage rates than other companies. We pass these savings on to you.

Proprietary Automated International Mail System

  • Our proprietary software can quote and invoice your mailing in hours instead of days.
  • You’ll get the best price because our software will run every possible shipping method for your mailing size and destination country before selecting the most economical option.

International Bulk Mail Is Our Only Business

  • Many international mailing companies wait for a pre-determined total weight to be reached before sending their shipments. But at FIMS we ship every day, regardless of total shipment weight. This means your mailing will go out the same day that it is processed.

Speak with an International Mail Expert Today

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